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About Knowledge
A key feature of helm is our own Engine Room; an incredible source of knowledge and information.

Forget ploughing through reams of legislation, guidelines and theories; or pages of articles and corporate jargon looking for the right information.


We've worked through piles of 'stuff' to produce concise, clear, relevant information for employers and managers.


We're constantly working  to produce engaging and user-friendly content, with invaluable information covering the whole employment cycle.


As a full member of helm, you'll have access to all of the information produced exclusively in our Engine Room.




The helm Engine Room provides real value and help, to leaders and managers of today's workplaces by constantly churning out:
  • practical content
  • documents
  • templates
  • best practices
  • tips & advice
  • solutions to problems
  • answers to issues
  • motivation & development
  • relevant information
  • news & trends
  • examples of fantastic workplaces
  • and some fun stuff too
Joining helm means our Engine Room will be working for you