putting the positive into performance 
About Quadrant
We've ripped up annual appraisals at helm and have replaced them with Quadrant performance reviews.

With a different approach to performance management, Quadrant gives you a practical, proactive, cost-effective and year-round alternative to traditional appraisals. Quadrant gets to the very basics of performance.


Forget hours of prep, forget just ticking a box, and forget heads stuck in the sand.

We've designed Quadrant to ensure that it's effective conversations which are taking place between your employees and their line manager.


When it comes to performance, Quadrant gets the job done by delivering results.




Annual Appraisals are just 'Old Hat' when it comes to getting the best performance from your people.
Quadrant gives real value to performance management, and provides so many benefits over the more traditional route:
  • regular, focused conversations between employees and their managers

  • full employee involvement

  • relevant, and reliable evidence & information

  • logical performance and personal skills analysis

  • employee and management accountability

  • reliable methods of measurability

  • consistency and fairness

  • flexible goal setting to keep employees aligned with  company objectives

  • training, learning & development analysis

  • employee engagement and happiness measures

To enjoy the full benefits of Quadrant. Join helm today.