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About helm
With a focus on talent management, we're turning leadership on
its head and it's all getting positive!!

Workplaces are changing at a rate of knots; a fact which has seen that change accelerate beyond recognition in the past few months, with leadership being placed firmly in the spotlight.


Positive Leadership can have a phenomenal impact on an organisation; and those skills are needed now more than ever. 

We've created an on-line facility, which provides support & skills development tools for anyone already leading a team; or to those just venturing into a leadership role. 


That support is available 24/7 

"positive leadership transforms

organisations and it changes lives"

helm Positive Workplaces 

We're making fantastic talent management & leadership the norm, not the exception.

Join helm, develop your skills and make a real difference in today's workplaces

helm Mission

Our mission is for Positive Leadership to be the norm, so that workplaces are not only high performing, successful environments;

but also great places to be, where

organisations and their people can thrive.

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All aboard the leadership revolution!

With a practical and nurturing approach; we're helping aspiring talent managers and leaders to develop their own skills, and to enjoy being a Positive Leader.

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