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helm Positive Workplaces 

For fantastic leadership skills

Join helm and make a real difference in today's workplaces

Postive People with workplace consultant

helm Positive Workplaces 

making all the 'people stuff' so much easier for

employers and managers

Workplace consultant at the helm

About helm

Workplaces are changing at a rate of knots; and more recently, that change has accelerated beyond recognition.
It's never been more important for organisations to have the right people on board, on-side, and giving their best.
And, if they're to survive the huge shift in workplace dynamics, it's essential for leaders & managers
to have the right tools and personal skills.
This can be a challenge, but it needn't be complicated; and the purpose of helm is to make it all so much easier for employers, HR teams and managers.
With helm, you'll have easy access to a range of downloadable digital resources & flexible
services; along with practical help, reassuring
solutions and ongoing support.

 Best People

The reputation and profitability of any organisation is directly linked to
the performance of its people

This is so true! Having the right people on board, who perform at their best, and who want to stay with you, is the perfect scenario for any employer. Your reputation, and ultimately your profitability will be so much more secure as a result.


 We can help you achieve this for your own organisation.

 In our Engine Room you'll find a fantastic range of digital documents, templates and guidance, covering key

areas of employment.

With practical help, clarity and common sense guaranteed, along with reassurance and realistic price points; the Engine Room is full of solutions, to make

your life easier.


Best employees with Postive Leadership consultant
Happy people with positive leadership consultant

Positive Leader

If you have a positive working culture, you'll attract the best available talent, and will get so much more from your team.

This is 100% true!

Today, employees are looking for much more than just a salary; and employers are really having to raise their game if they're to attract and retain the best people.

Also, with the additional financial pressures facing every organisation, it's essential that employees are fully engaged and contributing to overall profitability.

Leadership skills are essential in achieving this, but it's Positive Leadership that really works, and
which gets results.

We can help you develop the skills and personal value of your supervisors & managers, through our 'Introduction to Positive Leadership' programme.

There'll be no heavy studying involved, or chunks of time needed away from the workplace; just practical help across a subscription period of six months.

If you're committed to having great leadership skills at the helm of your own organisation, just click on
the button below.

Bespoke Help
Sometimes, it's just an extra pair of hands, or an alternative perspective that's needed.

Do you need a hand implementing people processes?
Are you concerned about your working culture or
team morale?

Are you looking to introduce performance reviews, but don't know where to start?

Could a virtual HR director help get your people
strategy off the ground?

Or is all the 'people stuff' just getting
on top of you?


If you need help with any of the above, we can offer bespoke support with a simple, flexible arrangement and an affordable hourly rate, without lengthy contracts.

Or, if you have a shopping list of your own, please contact helm for an informal chat.

No pressure and no sales calls guaranteed.
Bespoke Help - HR services
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