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About helm

Workplaces are changing at a rate of knots; and more recently, that change has accelerated beyond recognition.

Having the right people on board, on-side, and giving their best is crucial for any business. This can be a complex challenge for employers and managers, but it needn't be complicated.


The purpose of helm, is to help make life so much easier for those with responsibilities involving people; and for

workplaces overall, to be a great place for everyone.

With a flexible approach and masses of experience; helm provides a reassuring level of confidence and support to managers and employers.

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Practical Tools
Two years' research & development, supported by decades of personal
experience, resulted in the production of the helm Employee Welcome Packs. 

Specifically for new employees, a Welcome Pack not only demonstrates how much you care; but also gets employees on the right track and performing at their

best from the word go.

They help with your compliance as an employer too.


With a step by step approach, and covering a whole 12 months, the Welcome Packs include:

welcome . induction . probation . personal conduct .

health & safety . bullying & harassment . teamwork .

skills development . performance reviews . welcome gifts

The Employee Welcome Packs take

 developing your people to another level.

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Leadership Support

We're turning talent management on its head and it's all getting positive!

With experience spanning four decades, I've seen every possible style and example of leadership & management; with consequences ranging from

truly inspirational to completely disastrous!!


What I'm absolutely certain about, is how Positive Leadership & Management can massively benefit an organisation, its workplace and the people within it. 


It's a no-brainer; and to help talent managers, HR teams, employers, office managers and aspiring leaders to deal with the complexities of talent management, as well as developing their own Positive Leadership skills, I've set up the helm Leadership Support Hub.


The Hub is practical, with a nurturing approach; and a huge supply of help, encouragement, inspiration & support.

Take a look at what's included when you join the Hub

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Hub too!
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Bespoke Help

Sometimes, it's just an extra pair of hands, or an alternative perspective that's needed.

Are you looking for specific help with a talent management project; or need a virtual partner to run your ideas past? Do you need a hand to work through some challenges; or help to develop your own positive workplace? Or are you just taking your first steps as an employer and feeling a little daunted?


I can offer support with a simple, flexible arrangement and an affordable

hourly rate.

If you have a shopping list of your own, please contact me for more information:


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