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24/7 access to the Engine Room: The helm Engine Room is an online resource which covers all aspects of people management and leadership skills. Containing a huge range of content; including webinars, templates, downloadable documents, troubleshooting, articles, best practices and general help; the Engine Room will be your go to facility as and when you need.

Membership Pack: Once you sign up as a member, you'll receive a fantastic welcome pack to start your journey with helm. 

Member Discounts: All our members qualify for exclusive discounts and offers on helm products and services

Motivation & Inspiration: We won't be bombarding you with daily emails but; being a leader is hard work, and deserves some recognition. Each month we'll be sending you a good dose of motivation & inspiration to keep you on track and smiling.

On-going encouragement & support: Whether from ourselves, or from other members within the community, there'll be plenty of support and encouragement for you. We'll make time for some fun along the way too.

Priority access to workshops & events: Time spent away from the 'day job' is an ideal way to re-focus, re-boot or to stock up on some new skills. Although we've had to put physical events on hold for a while; we're busy working out what we can bring to you on-line.



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Do you want employees on side, on track and performing at their best?
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Do you want to develop your own positive talent management skills?
Would you like to see an increase in revenue and a reduction in costs?
Are you ready to see the benefits of a Positive Workplace?

If you're an employer, a manager, or working in HR and you're saying yes to any of the above points, then helm  can help.

If you're just starting out on your leadership journey, then we can definitely help.


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