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Why helm?


Why helm?

We understand the challenges faced by employers, managers & HR ; and the complexities of dealing with people. So we're making it less complicated.

Dealing with people issues can take up huge amounts of time & resource. Over time; problems around recruitment, performance, absence, conduct or conflict, can literally drain the life & profit out of any organisation.  Our focus is to help businesses avoid those issues in the first place, and to develop talent management practices which breed 

high engagement, maximum performance and amazing results. 

Our mission is to make all the 'people stuff' as easy as possible for employers, managers and HR teams; and for

Positive Workplaces to be the norm.


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Do you want employees on side, on track and performing at their best?
Would you like to spend less time dealing with people issues?
Do you want to develop your own talent management skills?
Would you like to see an increase in revenue and a reduction in costs?
Are you ready to see the benefits of a Positive Workplace?

If you're an employer, a manager, or an HR practitioner, these benefits and so many more are within easy reach. 


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