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frequently asked questions


How can helm help me?

Whether you're a small business about to take on staff for the first time, or you already have a team of people; helm can make all the 'people stuff' and talent management tasks so much easier.


If you're just starting out on your own journey as an employer, or you'd like to develop the team leaders within your organisation; helm can help by nurturing fantastic talent management & leadership skills, as well as effectively building knowledge levels & confidence.


There's no pressure with helm; we just want to make things easier for anyone dealing with people.


If you'd like to chat through the options, with no obligation guaranteed, just send an email to: and I'll be in touch :)


How much can helm save me?

Basically, helm saves people and organisations time, money and a whole lot of hassle.


When dealing with people, there are so many situations where getting things wrong, can lose businesses significant amounts of money through lost revenue and spiralling costs.


My aim is to minimise costs and to maximise profits.


How can I get more information?

Although there is plenty of information throughout the website, I understand that you might just like to speak with someone.


Please feel free to send a note via the contact form, or email me at and I'll get back to you.


No pressure, and no hard sell guaranteed.


What sort of company is helm?

As the founder of helm, I have almost 40 years' experience in management & HR; working with both small businesses and large multi-nationals.

Over those years I have seen every type of people management & leadership style possible; along with thousands of situations, scenarios & people practices. Each having a direct impact on the organisation & people involved.

I've witnessed people practices which have literally sent me into despair, but also plenty which have given real cause to celebrate; and it's because of this, I set up helm.

It's been proven beyond doubt that there is a direct link between the people practices adopted by an organisation, and its success. Fact!!

So with helm, I simply want to help small businesses develop their own people practices so that they, and their people can thrive; and for that positive effect to extend into communities & society as a whole.

As a company, I would describe helm as understated but credible, informal but professional; friendly but not in your face; and above all, honest with a distinct lack of corporate spiel.


We're on a mission to make workplaces great places to be, where fantastic leadership is the norm.

We genuinely care, we like to spread a little kindness; and we're trying hard to throw a massive dollop of personality into all the people stuff, which can get a bit heavy & mechanical.

I love to chat about our vision, preferably in close proximity to a cuppa; and taking time to listen is threaded firmly within helm's DNA


If you'd like to know more about helm, please drop me a line at:            Louise :)


What payment methods do you accept?

We've tried to make the payment process as easy as possible.

We can take online payments automatically by credit or debit card.


Or, if you prefer an invoice and BACS transfer payment, that's no problem; just let the team know and we'll sort it out for you.


Just to let you know, any prices quoted are subject to VAT.


Will I be bombarded with marketing emails or sales calls?

Absolutely not.


At helm we believe in attraction marketing and if someone would like us to get in touch, then we'd be happy to.


Also, we don't like receiving sales calls ourselves, so we're definitely not going to be making any, unless someone has asked us to.


We're always happy to talk about helm, whether it's about our vision, services or products; but only if someone would like us to.

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