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Why helm?

The aim of helm is to make all the 'people stuff' so much easier, and to take the hassle out of dealing with people in the workplace.

You won't find endless theories, or pages full of corporate jargon; but you will find practical, genuine, and down to earth

help, ideas, support, & solutions.

There won't be complicated service contracts for you

to be tied into; just flexible options for providing help.

And, being a small, professional business, there's a realistic approach to pricing

With helm, there's a reassuring level of support; along with 

every opportunity to develop the talent management skills within your organisation, meaning the business and the people within it, can thrive!


helm vision

"Amazing things happen in a positive workplace; with the

benefits reaching into every element of an

organisation, its people and beyond.

My vision is for positive workplaces to be the norm,

with fantastic leadership at the helm; so that they

are not only high performing, successful environments,

but also great places to be." 

                                                                                                                                                  Louise Moseley, Founder

 Leadership Hub
As an employer, an office manager, or head of an in-house team, you have tonnes of responsibility and a direct influence over others. The Leadership Hub has been built so you can develop your own talent management skills and enjoy the benefits of being a Positive Leader.
Membership of the Leadership Hub inclides:

Leadership Pack: Once you join the Leadership Hub, you'll receive a fantastic welcome pack full of goodies relating to positive leadership, and some

gifts for you too. 

Consultation: Help get your membership off to the best possible start with a 30 minute consultation by video or telephone, with Louise.

    Member Discounts: All members of the Leadership Hub qualify for exclusive discounts and offers on helm products, events and services

    Motivation & Inspiration: Being a leader of people is hard work and it deserves some recognition. So, we'll be sending you a regular dose of

 motivation & inspiration to help keep you focussed and to raise a smile.

    On-going encouragement & support: Whether from ourselves, from other members within the community, or expert guests; there'll be plenty of support & encouragement for you. We'll make time for some all important

fun along the way too.


 At just £395 for a full year, the Leadership Hub is

here, for you.

Got a question? 

Feel free to get in touch: