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Hi. I'm Fin.
You'll see me in the
Engine Room too!

Why helm?

Our aim is to help our members build their skills & confidence as a team leader and we have decades of experience to share with you. 
First, and sitting at the very heart of helm, is the Engine Room. It's our
on-line resource for all things to do with talent management and leadership.
The Engine Room is constantly firing on all cylinders to give you an up to date supply of  
help, information & support.
With downloadable documents, templates,  best practices, tips & advice; the Engine Room has been designed to make your life easier,
 and it's available 24/7.
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If your team needs bringing on side, on track and performing at their best
If you'd like to spend less time dealing with people issues
If you want to develop your own  talent management & leadership skills
If you're ready to make a real difference by being a Positive Leader.....
Then as a member of helm, this is all possible and within affordable reach.
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Whether you're a business owner, an office manager, or heading up an
in-house team; you're still a leader; which means you have an important role to play, with heaps of responsibility.
We recognise that and, as a subscribed member of helm; you'll receive an incredible boost to your confidence, to your skills, and to your influence as a leader.

 Member Benefits
To sum up, this is what's included if you subscribe to helm......

24/7 access to the Engine Room: The helm Engine Room is our online resource which covers all aspects of talent management.  You'll see presentations, downloadable documents, best practices, skills development, templates, troubleshooting scenarios, general help and so much more. 

The Engine Room will be your go to facility as and when you need it.

    Membership Pack: Once you sign up to helm, you'll receive a fantastic welcome pack to help start your  journey with us. Filled with amazing stuff, they provide real value for our members. 

    Member Discounts: All our members qualify for exclusive discounts and offers on helm products and  services

    Motivation & Inspiration: We don't believe in bombarding you with daily emails but, being a leader is hard work and it deserves some recognition. So, we'll be sending you a regular dose of motivation & inspiration to

keep you feeling inspired and to raise a smile.

    On-going encouragement & support: Whether from ourselves, or from other members within the community, there'll be plenty of coaching, support and encouragement for you. We make time for some all important

fun along the way too.

  Priority access to workshops & events: Time spent away from the 'day job' is an ideal way to re-focus, to re-boot or to stock up on some new skills. Although we've had to put physical events on hold for a while; we're busy working out what we can bring to you on-line.

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