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Are we ready for the return to work rush?

It seems only yesterday that the working world was turned completely on its head by the pandemic.

Just over two years ago, the thought of implementing a working from home model was right up there with contemplating a four day working week for the majority of organisations.

However, faced with lockdown and no choice, HR Policies were being ripped up, risk assessments re-vamped, home environments transformed and new policies being churned out at a phenomenal rate to accommodate the new way of working.

Since then, for many organisations it has been an uneasy journey into an unfamiliar world, with virtual meetings suddenly dictating the day, and workplaces being frozen in time.

Huge numbers of employees have embraced working from home, and for many reasons have shown a reluctance to re-join the pre-pandemic trudge of the daily commute. As a result, and in many cases as a compromise, large numbers of organisations have adopted a hybrid working arrangement.

Despite the many arguments for or against, and the debates over productivity levels; there has been a steady acceptance of this being the new norm.

With the worse seemingly behind us, there have been signs of dust beginning to settle from the ashes of the pre-pandemic world. But, research suggests, it’s all about to change again, and it won’t be gentle.

With the overwhelming increase in energy prices, it is predicted that 42% of UK workers are seriously considering a return to the workplace in an attempt to manage the cost of living crisis.

Workplaces which have lay eerily dormant, or with just a sprinkling of humans in a largely digital arena are about to be teeming again with life. As the nights draw in, and the temperatures drop, people are expected to be heading back to offices in their droves.

It will be Lights…. Heating…. Action, which will bring a whole range of new challenges, risks and considerations for employers. Are we ready for another seismic change?

(Research statistics taken from Resource Solutions)

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